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Fill Your Walls with my Magical Realism Paintings

I know what it’s like to feel unappreciated and unseen, but negative thinking is the biggest obstacle that leaves you feeling disconnected and misunderstood. By changing your perspective to seek the positive in your daily life, you can feel empowered to consciously write your story, see a bigger picture, and reconnect with the ‘why’ of you.

My tiny paintings create a big impression using beautiful imagery full of substance to enrich imagination, offer visual delight, and inspirit lighthearted introspection. They depict positive qualities of human nature, serving as reminders to find depth of meaning while having fun on your path to self-discovery. By using imagination in this way, you enter unseen realms where anything is possible.

In purchasing my work, I give you more than a piece of art - you receive a personal growth tool. With these small gems you can be more present and calm, self-aware and reflective, motivated and encouraged, better able to make decisions, reminded of what you can do, be a positive focuser, and feel appreciated, seen and heard. Because the more of us connected with our best self, the better the planet will be.

Ready to appreciate yourself?

Here’s the Simple Process:

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* Purchase artwork that connects with your story.

* Simply enjoy your framed and ready to hang art. 

* Allow the imagery to seep into your psyche.

Peace and Delight, Kathryn 💝

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