Why Purchase My Art?

As an artist, I know the value of being surrounded by things that feed your soul. Still, life circumstances and negative thinking become obstacles that leave you feeling blocked, unimaginative, and uninspired. But, beautiful works of art can help build connections, even with yourself. By changing your perspective, you can find joy in seeking that which complements your inner truth.

My small, beautiful paintings create a big impression as eye-catching reminders to have fun on your path to self-discovery. I use accessible imagery rich in substance to inspirit visual delight and lighthearted introspection. This is why it’s so important to see the unseen symbolic meaning of what you surround yourself with on a daily basis. By looking deeper in this way, you can nurture your dreams and inspire imagination to soar in harmony with your soul.

Fill Your Walls with my Magical Realism Paintings

The process is a piece of cake:

* Go to my Square Gallery.

* Purchase art that feeds your soul.

 * Simply enjoy your framed and ready to hang art.

* Let the beautiful imagery seep into your psyche.

Allow these small gems to bring you delight and meaning, as joyful reminders of the uplifting qualities of human nature.

In purchasing my work, I give you more than a piece of art. I am giving you a source of inspiration - a visual reminder that you are the artist of your own life. Because the more of us that live in harmony with our soul, the better the planet will be.

Peace and Delight, Kathryn 💝