Welcome to my world.

My imaginative worlds are painted with intimate detail, blended depth, and bright walnut oil colors, that focus on beauty and delight as reminders to not feel weighed down by negativity, but to get up 'off the ground' and highlight the positive.

Despite flouting rules of reality, my meticulously realized details are grounded in believability, while uncommon combinations of imagery go beyond the ordinary. Subjects are intimately close, while the sky creates space to breathe and maintain inner peace. Vibrant colors counter negativity with positive, uplifting emotions, while unframed work evokes unconfined openness. I use water-washed walnut oil and solvent-free techniques without brushstrokes allowing you to explore deeper stories beyond the surface.

My intention is for you to imagine the scene is real. If it's real, and you believe in it, then my work helps you believe in yourself. Created from a place of unfettered freedom, these gemlike reminders open you to trust your path, rise above the ordinary, and purposely uplift your world.

My Art Helps You BELIEVE!

Kathryn E. Noska in studio sq
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Due to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, I use water-washed walnut oil paint, solvent-free techniques, on earth friendly panels. My brightly colored paintings have intimate, highly detailed subjects, and of finely blended backgrounds without brushstrokes.