My journey

I used oils since I was 12, but in college I started getting sick so I switched to acrylics which I used for about 20 years. After realizing I had developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, I stopped using acrylics and in 2015 I went back to oils, but this time water-washed walnut oil. But alas, it again was too much for my body. In the Autumn of 2023 I decided to choose another path - watercolor. I'm having a good time learning this new medium.

Come along this journey with me.

Welcome to my new world of watercolors.

My curious watercolors focus on rock cairns, natural subjects, and pathways that combine intimate foreground details with a looser, soft landscape. Due to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, I recently switched from walnut oil to watercolor which I varnish.

Although I needed to change directions, I can continue on my path creating the art I love. A subject that fills my heart are stacked stones that I set in a misty landscape along with natural elements. They act as friends guiding the way through the mystery of life.

My work highlights the choices made in life to courageously do what’s in your heart and go your own way even if you don’t always know where you will end up. With belief in yourself and in the process, you will get where you need to be.

These gemlike reminders encourage you to find your way when you feel lost, and believe in yourself to confidently choose your own path. When you feel rock solid enough to take chances and trust the unknown, there’s always a way forward - You Can Do It!

My Art Helps You BELIEVE!

Kathryn E. Noska in studio sq

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