Magical Realism

What is Magical Realism

Faithfully portrays the ‘seen’ exterior of objects, using naturalistic technique, to reveal the ‘unseen’ spirit which endows all things with a deeper meaning.

Brings common elements together in uncommon ways with unusual points of view. However, everything is presented as though within the realm of possibility, maintaining an illusion of reality.

It’s never just about what you see. Elements are intuitively brought together like characters in a play, always telling a deeper symbolic story.

Accepts the supernatural, as part of reality, and creates imaginative worlds that seem believable.

Contrasts forward movement with a sense of vast distance; and uses miniature detail, even in expansive paintings.

How Does it Relate to Life?

A way to view the world; an idea that all things hold deeper meaning. There is more to life than what’s observably in front of you.

Synchronicity - seeing life symbolically, reading signs in daily life as random events that happen for a meaningful reason.

You are the artist of your life ‘painting'. Thoughts and feelings connect you to the realm of possibility. Life responds by reflecting similar elements back; life happens thru, not to you.

Creating a life you want means being conscious about what you put into your ‘painting’. Using imagination in this way, you draw to you elements you want to use.

You tell your own story, paint your own picture, and are the ultimate creator of your life! Make it a good one!