Helpful Worlds of Possibility

Hope you are doing well. I thought I’d share some of my reasons for why I am choosing to paint the floating islands. I started painting them back in May, and I really love them.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I am also extremely interested in symbolism. I may be a bit unusual in that aspect because I almost obsessively (re)search for an underlying meaning in everything, and have always emphasized this unseen aspect of my work - the symbolic story. But, realizing that most people connect to artwork on a personal level, and probably won’t do the level of research into the symbolism that I do, I decided to look at my work with new eyes to understand why I create my work - irregardless of universal symbolism

 Just looking at my somewhat surreal floating islands - Here’s how they help me:

- Getting my subjects up off the ground - I felt lighter inside.

- Allows me to release the “rules” of traditional landscape. I felt more free.

- My brain tends towards depression, so this work helps me focus on the positive side of life - to be lifted up.

- Helps me escape the dreary, negative realities of life, and rise up out of the swamp of sadness.

- Helps me stop obsessively going around in circles inside my head. I can focus on something positive.

- The subjects feel more intimate because they have their own place to be - their own little piece of the world.

- They are beautiful, happy, uplifting, motivating, optimistic, vibrant, exciting, but also calm and peaceful. They help counter any dull or depressing negativity in the world (or my head).

- They don’t follow the “rules” of reality, but have a sense of relatable believability.

- They express that which is beyond the ordinary, in the realm of imagination, where anything feels possible.

My hope is that my work will touch you in a similar way, and help elevate your existence!

Love to You.

Peace and Delight,


The way we choose to see the world creates the world we see.

Barry Neil Kaufman