The Value of My Art

Welcome to my world!

I struggled my whole life not believing in my worth, value, and purpose. I know what it’s like to feel weighed down by negative emotions, mind chatter, or life circumstances, and spend time in my head obsessively going in circles. But I persistently develop positive beliefs by exploring myself and my art.

My meticulously realized imagery of floating subjects are reminders to get up “off the ground”, focus on the positive, and not feel weighed down by negativity.

Although my work doesn’t follow the rules of ‘reality’, lifelike detail opens the gateway of possibility and creates believability, so my imaginative and curious worlds feel grounded in reality.

But, why stay ‘grounded’, when you can fly.

I feature uncommon combinations of animals and objects as a reminder to raise curiosity, see the world with new eyes, and go beyond the ordinary comfort zone where anything feels possible.

The subject is intimately close, while the softly blended distance creates space to breathe, and maintain inner peace.

I create beauty and harmony using vibrant colors to counter negativity, elicit uplifting emotions, and represent positive qualities. My paintings are reminders to look on the bright side of life.

To silence mind chatter, I paint without brushstrokes allowing you to see beyond the paint surface, so your inspired mind can wander with purpose. Engaging imagination in this way helps you truly see and validate your unique self.

My intention is for you to imagine (believe) the tiny scene is real. If it’s real, and you connect with and believe in it, then the imagery becomes a graphic reminder to believe in yourself. When you believe in yourself, you see positive possibilities, are reminded of what you can do, and strive to be your best. Because when anything feels possible, you will choose to elevate your world with purpose.

My art helps you BELIEVE!