Visual and Word Art
One of my main reasons for creating art is to help people. I speak to those who may struggle with negative emotions or get overwhelmed with life circumstances that weigh them down. People who feel self-doubt and insecurity, and may not trust or believe in themselves, but who persistently do introspective work to uplift themselves.

I currently focus on floating subjects, as a reminder to get yourself ‘off the ground’, and to persistently pick yourself up by working on self-realization. I paint in a way that allows you to actually imagine the tiny scene is real. If it’s real, and you connect with and believe in it, then the imagery becomes a perfect reminder to believe in yourself. My art helps people BELIEVE!

Words and symbolism are also a very important part of my art. I look at the unseen connections between the objects and circumstances in the painting, then write a short poem that tells the ‘story’. I like my poems to rhyme so they can be used as easy to remember morals or guideposts for life.

I use a rhyming dictionary to find just the right words that express the meaning of the piece. Your interpretation may be different, but my poem offers a jumping off point for your own contemplation.

For me, the poem is intrinsically connected to the visual art, and is included with the painting when it finds a new home. My hope is that you will return to the poem and imagery whenever you need a reminder to get back on track. Here’s an example of one of my poems:

Time is both eternal and brief
How you spend it hinges on belief
Synchronize with the sun and moon
To the passage of time no one’s immune
Align with your purpose, do now connect
Of your own life you’re the best architect
2021 © Kathryn E. Noska